We are a consulting firm specializing in developing Enterprise Applications using Scala, NoSQL, and longevity. We have extensive experience, skills, and expertise in application design, development, and architecture. Our primary areas of focus are domain modeling, database integration, and Big Data applications. We want to help your project to succeed by helping you build solid, long-lasting applications.

Longevity is a persistence framework for Scala and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra. You build your domain objects in the spirit of Domain Driven Design. Longevity provides you with a fully functional persistence layer based on your domain. Longevity fully encapsulates persistence concerns, so they do not infect your domain model.

Longevity By Design can help you to:
  • Develop greenfield applications using Scala, NoSQL, longevity, and any other technologies of your choosing.
  • Migrate existing applications to use a longevity back end.
  • Model your domain using DDD techniques.
  • Develop project infrastructure, including build and deploy systems, and unit, integration, and acceptance tests.
  • Architect or re-architect your applications to have a cleaner and more stable design.